To provide comprehensive educational lifelong learning opportunities to students and community through integrated arts based partnerships and programming.


  1. Develop relationships with professional artistic partners to create a lab/community school of the arts.
  2. Foster an awareness of world cultures through programmatic experiences.
  3. Acquire fiscal support through grant development, foundation funding and other alternative resources through financial means specifically available by and to our arts based partners.
  4. Afford economic development for the youth and community at-large by providing training, mentoring, professional apprenticeships, certification, licensing’s, networking and college readiness and Workforce ready opportunities in performance, business and ancillary arts ventures.
  5. Invigorate the Business Community of the Monticello Central School District through audience development and programming.


Board of Directors

Kathleen Lara, President, Deputy Sullivan County Treasurer

Jessica Nesin, Vice President, Nesin family representative

Helen Jersey, Treasurer, Accounting Manger ARC, Monticello Central School Audit Committee

Ann Marie Kurthy, Secretary, Educator

Karen Collura, Instructional lead Teacher English

Dawn Weiss, Educator

Advisory Board

 Ann Trombley, Founder: New York State School Music Association Curriculum Committee

Lori Orestano-James, Founder: Director of Performing, Fine Arts & Foreign Language

Ellen Nesin, NCA Founder

Salvatore Federico,

Judith Pearce, Performer and Founder of The Weekend of Chamber Music

Guy Jollie, Accountant

Rita Simon, Sullivan County Visitors Association

Kenneth Hamrick, Founder American Virtuosi

Zach Kelson, Attorney

Concluding Rationale

Over the past 25 years, outreach has occurred in developing relationships to enhance artistic creativity, educational experiences, innovative partnerships and personal and professional growth opportunities. Your support of this endeavor enables the actualization of an ideal community arts center. The realization of this unparalleled plan will serve as a role model to other communities.